Deja vu (in 1983)

1983, I was studiying engineering in Aachen. Waiting for “WALK” at a traffic light suddenly a well-known sound hit my ears: Four Cylinders at 12.000 rpm, not really loud but very characteristic. Fascinated my eyes followed a small yellow and black painted Coupé, the source of that beautiful noise.

Memories of my early school days came up, invoked by this sound. Especially one name: Hubert Tillenburg, a very friendly school-bus driver. I was 9 and he was our idol. He had one of this cars and told us about it: “It´s very small, fast - and red. Last weekend I put it on the Nüburgring. It was a lot of fun and I was the fastest of my class.” We were impressed - although I suspect now that he was the only one in his class also...

I just had sold my RX-3 and owned a VW K 70 (a bad backdraw concerning driving). The Honda S800 became present again - at least in my dreams. "Don´t dream, keep reasonable” I told myself, trying to push my unreal wishes far away..

Well, even unpopular cars need a service some time and due to very bad roadholding the K70 urgently needed new shock absorbers. I bought some and went to the next garage to have them installed. While the work was being done by the specialists I was having some small-talk with the lady in the office - about cars, what else. Soon I knew: the Owner runs a S800 Coupé as his Hobby Car and (much worse) there is another one in stock to be sold.

Suddenly my secret dreams didn´t seem to be so unreal any more but - I´m a poor student and have no money. To keep contact I ask for a job in this small garage.

To keep the story short: Our first S800-Meeting saw us in a VW K70, but soon we bought a S800, ignoring our desaterous financial situation. It was red (a bit too much, bumpers and wheels had this nice colour also) and it was leaking masses of oil.

But it was the beginning of a great fiendship.